We haven’t had any questions yet, but here is what we are anticipating:

  • You guys are assholes! Why aren’t you nice like on I Should Be Writing?
    We’re brutally honest on this show. It’s less about encouraging newbies and more about letting pros know what they’re in for. And if you’re new to this and don’t know that Matt hates everyone, well, there you go. ISBW is more about encouraging people that they can make begin running. Ditch Diggers is the cruel truth that, now that you’re running, you have a marathon to go. With a 100 kg backpack. And a bunch of corgis nipping at your heels.
  • What’s the obsession with Morgan Freeman? 
    I think of Morgan Freeman as the calm mentor voice. Lord knows he’s played enough of them. If HE says it, it has weight. Gravitas. We attribute many quotes to him on the show. He has said none of them, and is not affiliated with us at all. In fact he may sternly disapprove of us and send his corgis after us.
  • Can I be on your show?
    Interviews are going to be an irregular part of the show, and tend to happen through conversation, not through asking. So, in short, no, not at the moment. If you chat us up on twitter, we might invite you, but we prefer to approach, not be the approachee. If you make us a meme of Morgan Freeman riding a corgi into battle, you have an automatic in.
  • I have a question and am not afraid of your answer!
    Then email mightymur at gmail.com. NOTE: I do have another show, that is much nicer, called I Should Be Writing. If your story is about craft or the emotional side of writing (finding time, being afraid of rejection, convinced your writing is the equivalent of corgi shit on a cowboy boot) then that is the show for you. Please indicate which show you’re asking for help from!