About the ditch diggers

photo by Bruce Press
photo by Bruce Press

Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace are authors who have been attempting to make a living doing this writing thing. Usually in science fiction and fantasy fiction, but sometimes in role playing games, copy writing, animation scripts, audio scripts, or movie trailers.*

While we (OK, just Mur) appreciate the side of writing that includes worrying about craft and rejection, here on Ditch Diggers we focus on writing as a job. In a day job, you have to get up and go to work whether you like it or not. Ditch diggers don’t wait to be inspired to dig a ditch, they do it because it’s their job and they won’t eat if they don’t.

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.
~Reynolds Price (or maybe William Faulkner, or was it Morgan Freeman**?)

This is not a show for beginners, or for people who don’t want to hear how the sausage is made. We will talk about the good parts of this job, and the bad parts, including plain old stupid fuckups on our part.*** Sometimes we talk to other pros, all too willing to talk about the dirty truths of this stab-yourself-in-the-eye job, writing.

Don't I have an awesome forehead? Photo by JR Blackwell
Don’t I have an awesome forehead? Photo by JR Blackwell

Mur Lafferty is a podcasting pioneer and Campbell-award-winning author of two books and a whole lot of self-pubbed work. She has been podcasting since 2004, and writing for moneys since 2001. Her home page (and her much nicer podcast for beginning writers, I Should Be Writing) can be found at murverse.com.
Twitter: @mightymur
Agent: Jennifer Udden, Donald Maass Literary Agency

Matt Wallace
Matt. I told him to put his hands down, but was all like LOOK AT THESE HANDS.

Matt Wallace is a Parsec-award winning author and screenwriter who hates just about everyone. Including you. Sorry. But he’s very willing to talk to you straight, which is sometimes what is needed. He is the bad cop to Mur’s good cop. His home page is at matt-wallace.com

“[Matt calls website bios] illusory, self-aggrandizing, self-important bullshit.” So just read about him at his own damn site. I’ll tell you that he’s tall, and sometimes cranky, but very smart. Don’t tell him I said so.
Twitter: @MattFnWallace
Agent: DongWon Song, Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Matt and Mur have the same birthday, but not the same year.

And for the luvva Morgan Freeman, buy their books.

* Ditch diggers aren’t proud. They do the work.
** We invoke Morgan Freeman a lot. He has no affiliation with this show. We just like him.
*** This podcast is not clean. NSFW.